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PIL offers a scalable, language-independent,

automated, end-to-end SaaS regulatory

compliance platform that eliminates reliance

on manual tracking and static databases for

financial institutions.

The PIL Platform is powered by built-in, dynamic

integration with government agency regulations, best

practice checklists and online insights.

Help create the future SaaS model

for regulatory compliance

Join us in creating the ultimate SaaS model. A solution developed for clients together with clients. By creating an

industry-wide platform, PIL regulations databases and checklists are used throughout each local market, so the data

improves constantly with usage and attains the highest level of accuracy, security and best practice compliance. We

are actively recruiting design partners for international Proof of Concept projects in locations that have well-

established regulatory infrastructure and are characterized by mid-sized regulated companies struggling with manual

compliance tools. Let’s work together to simplify regulatory compliance in your location, to effectively eliminate risks,

streamline operations, and significantly lower costs.

A startup company

with a market-proven

track record

The PIL Platform is commercially operational in Israel since early 2020, with

over 30 commercial clients and more than 100 concurrent subscribers, generating a

strong revenue stream in a SaaS business model. Funded by grants from the

government Innovation Authority, we are expanding globally to deliver

automated digital platforms that will make the industry more transparent,

compliant and efficient – for clients, employees and management.

PIL (pronounced peel) is Hebrew for elephant. A small word for a mighty big animal! But that’s what we are all about: addressing the elephant in the room, simplifying gargantuan regulatory compliance codes and complexities into a simple, intuitive, and easy to use platform. When it comes to regulatory compliance, an elephant would never leave critical compliance processes to chance. Because an elephant never forgets!

Let’s talk about the

elephant  in the room